About Us

We are passionate about healthcare and our vision is that any person should be able to access and affect their wellbeing, globally. 

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We are passionate about making the world a better place.

Combined our teams experience is over 150 years. We are a young company with a young mindset, working tirelessly to ensure all our customers receive 100% satisfaction. 

When it comes to IT we make the complex simple, to ensure you don’t need to waste time on training and support. 

Join us, as we build the next Global Medtech company! 

Our History

  1. March 2021
    Launching our service both in US and EU markets.
  2. December 2020
    We are re engineering our platform and moving from Legacy code to Blockchain infrastructure.
  3. October 2020
    Hit Break Even and team shifted from Part time to fulltime focus
  4. March 2020
    First Beta Released
  5. January 2020
    Company founded after receiving a growth fund grant